Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shoulder Screen for Overhead Pressing

An easy way to assess on yourself if you should be pressing a weight over your head.  Grab a furniture slider and place under your hand.  Two hand positions will be used.  Take your shoulder through a full ROM from the hip to overhead.  Keep constant pressure on the slider.  Keep the lower back in contact with the floor.  This ensure that the anterior ribs don't flare up.  Essentially this keeps you from arching your back, which is a cheat for lack of shoulder ROM.  You can see me pause at the 2 o'clock position.  That's me lacking a little motor control.  With enough repetitions this should iron out.  If you can't do this without arching your back or you can't apply pressure that is a sign to no go on over head lifts.  This will save your lower back or anterior shoulder pain.  Also, at no point should there be pain behind the shoulder.  This is closing angles pain and should be addressed by a health professional.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Where Can You Get Better

It's an interesting concept to improve your craft from someone or something that doesn't have anything to do with your craft.  How does a musician train?  If I was an Ironman athlete, what could I learn from them?

If I was a teacher, what can I learn from a personal trainer.  You get the idea, how can something outside of your box, influence and improve your outcomes.  Something to think about.  I just read an article about the Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly.  He brings in academics that have nothing to do with sports and ask them how he can produce a better football team.

He's looking to learn maybe one sentence or one idea that can help him and the organization be better.  This article from the Wall Street Journal "Kelly Secret Coaches," talks about this process.  Explore interests that have nothing to do with your profession, I bet you will be able to cull a few nuggets of wisdom and perspective that will help with your profession.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Common Organ Referred Pain

Most of the time a local pain is just that, a local pain.  Shoulder pain is most often something to do with a musculoskeletel problem, but it's always good idea to at least know what other things may be causing pain in the body.  Perhaps something to keep in the back of your mind if you have something that come up suddenly without any explanation or something that just doesn't go away.

Liver, gall bladder, spleen and lung may refer pain to the shoulder.  They believe this is from the organ being dysfunctional and the diaphragm being a conveyor of impulse through the phrenic nerve C3,4,5 that the brain can misread as a shoulder problem, as 4,5 are large innovators for the deltoid.  The right tip of the scapula can also be present.

Gastric problems can refer pain to between the shoulder blades.  T5,6,7.  Again these are some nerves that innervate the stomach.

Appendix will create right lower abdominal pain.  

Constipation can create lower lumbar pain. 

Heart is the most commonly known referral pain.  Left arm pain that can lead into the hand. 

Pancreas can have pain in T5-9 and also left shoulder pain.

Prostate can refer pain to the abdomen, lower back and calfs.  

Brain Freeze can happen when the Vagus nerve cools.  (I get this severely)  

Kidneys can refer pain to the lower back right below the ribs and also into the groin.

Adrenals can refer pain to the inside of the knees.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Diagonal Sits for Glute Activity

The first couple reps are where you would begin.  Progressions would then go to the full reps shown at the end.  After this, we can then add resistance.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review of Derrick Johnson "King of Weightlifting" Seminar

I headed over to the east side of Michigan to the Crossfit Switch gym to hear and participate in their seminar.  I was impressed that a crossfit gym reached out and got someone like this to come and present.

First, I really don't have any interest in learning to refine my Olympic Lifting technique anymore.  My elbow's lack of flexion precludes me from any type of clean and front squat.  I occasionally will play around with the Power Snatch.  But, it never hurts to learn from one of the best to help others that are.

What got me to dish the cash and the time in the car,  was knowing that Derrick has been under the care of Dr. Craig Liebenson in LA.  Dr. Liebenson is one of the guys I gravitated towards in school to increase my knowledge base.  His book "Functional Rehab of the Spine," helped change the way I think.  I had heard the first two hours was all about drills and warm up that Dr. Liebenson has implemented that put Derrick back on track for medals.

Derrick talked about how before he started doing things like this warm up, he had battled back injuries and several knee injuries.  Cortisone shots and Ibuprofen were common.  After the implementation of smarter training and getting the glutes/core firing, zero.  Pretty cool.

The warm ups and drills weren't anything ground breaking, in fact, nothing new to me.   What I came away from was new doesn't mean better.

I need to to appreciate the basics much more.

The magic isn't in the exercise, it's in the concentration of the performance.  Subtle corrections.

My left Glute is way under performing.  Always nice to learn new chinks in your own armour.  My endurance in certain positions was extremely lacking.  So I have things to work on.  Fun stuff.

Here is the list of the warm up we went over.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Guest Post Up at Salsa Bikes

I did a guest post up at Salsa bikes.  Figured I would just share the link.  It's a combination exercise to help bikers stay healthy and perform better.  I've often seen that what helps a biker will help someone that sits at a desk all day.

Walk and Crawl for A Better Bike.